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  • Kelly Frank

Blanco Gallery

I'm thrilled to take part in a very futuristic exhibition entitled Isolation, a virtual exhibition inspired by the reality of our new confinement. It displays the creations of the contemporary artists David Hopkins, Jonathan Farningham, Suzon Lagarde, Preslav Kostov, Owain Hunt, Jonathan Ambrose, Kelly Frank and Daniel Munday. For this exhibition they are display- ing their daily lives through their art.

We must make the best of it while sharing a strange feeling of uncertainty about the shape of the future. As a diversion, we seek shelter within our inner-selves. We may create something new, disconnect from the world, ponder, meditate, cocoon, or just watch time rolling-by.

It does not need to be bleak. Our old routines were hectic at times - very rough for us and the planet. Now is the chance to review our lives and connect to the people we love.

Check It out!


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