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  • Kelly Frank

Be a Man, Theatre Deli

So glad to to be selected for the 'Be a man' exhibition at the theatre Deli. In association with Mind charity, this exhibition questions the stigma relating to mental health issues among men. 15 percent of the proceeds will go to charity. Importantly lets open up the conversation to talk about mental health

Heres abit about the 2 paintings I've submitted:

I approach portraiture through the lens of a psychologist or investigator seeking to unravel the vulnerabilities and layered personalities of my sitters. I believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and what is unseen is most important. By the blurring or loss of eyes in my paintings, I question the discourse between the interior and the exterior of my sitters. Their thoughts and feeling trapped behind a mask. The paintings become the process in which we simultaneously reveal and hide themselves. With just over one third of men seeking psychological therapies in the UK today, how can we address the divide between the surface and the soul? ​


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