2012                    Queens Diamond Jubilee, Leytonstone House, London 

2013                    Bartlett End of Year Show, The Bartlett, London 

2014                    Bartlett End of Year Show, The Bartlett, London 

2014                    Open House London, The Mill London

2015                    Bartlett End of Year Show, The Bartlett, London 

2015                    Open House London, The Mill, London

2017                    Portrait Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London 

2017                    Spring Salon, Candid Arts Trust, London

2017                    SWA 156th Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London

2017                    Profile, Ma - Wah Gallery, London 

2018                   Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2018, Sky Arts TV

2018                   SWA 157th Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London 

2018                   Portray,V.23 - The Old Biscuit Factory, London

2018                 Be a Man, Theatre deli, London 

2019                   137th Annual Exhibition, The Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast

2019                 Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, Sky Arts TV 

2019                 LoveNorthChingford Art trail, London

2019                 Hesketh Hubbard Society Bursary Holder, The Mall Galleries, London

2020                Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle  

2020                Isolation, Blanco Gallery, Virtual Exhibition

2020               Solo Exhibition: Hidden Truths, Genesis Cinema, London 

2020               Art of Isolation, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, London 



Kelly Frank is a young British painter whose sensitive portraits capture the layered personalities of her sitters. Kelly explores portraiture through the lens of a psychologist and investigator, and her portraits of friends and family focus on their vulnerabilities.
By using a wide range of mediums such as charcoal, oil pastel, acrylics and oil paint, her paintings show a meticulous hand and forensic eye. Although Frank is a young, self-taught artist, she has managed to develop a her own unique and mature style. For example many of her portraits are characterised by a focus on the gaze of the sitter, the blurring or loss of prominent facial features as if faded like a memory. Her dry application of paint creates a velvet texture to the skin she portrays .The focal point of her portraits are the eyes. 'The eyes are the windows to the soul’, a phrase Kelly Frank takes more seriously than most. Her psychological approach is evident when she speaks about the ideas behind her paintings, ‘people are a process in which they simultaneously reveal and hide themselves’.
Her outlook, similar to that of an experienced councillor or therapist, is what's most important is what cannot be seen. Much of her work concerns hidden stories of domestic life as she seeks to peel away barriers and tell honest stories. Kelly was born in Durban, South Africa and after an intensive semester at the Barcelona Academy of Art in 2016 kick started her career as an artist. She recently appeared in the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 and her work has been exhibited at the Mall Galleries. Alongside her own projects she teaches painting and drawing classes.
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